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What does the Vulcher II fit ?
If your mower is listed below, there is a Vulcher II available  for your mower


Vulcher 2 the Safety Mulcher will fit the following list of mowers. Manufacturers change deck configurations often, so this list is a guide only.  If the Vulcher 2 that you order covers the discharge completely from the front to the back, and the bottom lip can be placed one inch below  the mower blade, and last but not least you must have space for the mounting hardware, than the Vulcher 2 can be installed.  Note: Vulcher 2 typically doesn’t work well on older stamped decks, it works well with almost all fabricated decks.


Alphabetical list for mowers using Vulcher2 the Safety Mulcher

                 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

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Ariens mowers/No


Bad Boy mowers/Yes                Photos of Vulcher 2 on this mower

36” Z Pup

Models, # 4800,5200,6000,7200 ZTRs.

Uses Extended units 25”


Bob-Cat Mowers/Yes

ZT-219, 223, 225, 227, 220ES.

Bob-Cat Leo Plus

Bob-Cat walk-behinds

Bob-Cat ZT 125/No


Bush Hog mowers/Yes

Estate/Commercial/Professional, series

44”- 52”-49”-55”-61”-73”



Walkbehind/Yes, 36”- 48”- 54”


BZT # 2190 – 2230

        # 2250 – 2280 – 2200ES. 

ZT  226-125-228

Bunton 2810E313, BZT 250

M-2555K,M2773-73, ES 2052, ES 1844, ZT 250,

Hff-1748, 48- 54- 60- 72


Country Clipper/No


Cub Cadet/Yes

All Tank models



New models/fabricated decks only.


Dixie Chopper/Yes         Photos of the Vulcher 2 on this mower

36” to 52” Decks all models

60” to 72” Decks all models


Encore/Yes      Photos of the Vulcher 2 on this mower   

Prowler Front Cut 52-61-72

Prowler Mid Cut 61-72

Extreme 48-52-60

Z34, Z42

Pro Belt 32-36-48

Hydro Pro 36-48


Enviro-Guard        Photos of the Vulcher 2 on this mower    


Exmark/ Yes           Photos of the Vulcher 2 on this mower

Triton models , 22”Ext

Ultra models

Frontrunner, 52-60

Viking models

Metro models,36-48

Phazer 34"




Ferris/Yes          Photos of the Vulcher 2 on this mower

Zero-Turns, IS models 1000Z, thru 5100Z,

48-52-61-72 deck sizes

ProCut S

ComfortControl DD


UltraBelt GD


Giant Mow/Yes



600- 700- 900 series

Decks 44”-48”

Decks 52”

Decks 61”-72”


Graveley/Yes            Photos of the Vulcher 2 on this mower

PM272Z, 72” deck, uses 25”Ext.

PM260Z, 60” deck, uses 23”Ext.



Pro 1548-1536-1748

PM 144Z- 148Z

PM 152Z-160-252


Great Dane/Yes

Chariot- Surfer-Scamp



Howard Price/Yes



XR7  66”, uses 20”EXT

Mini Z 36”- 42”

Mini Z 52”

Fast Track 36”-48”-52”

Trim Star Walk behinds




Walk behinds




Z Fast Cat, 48”-52”

Hydro Walk

Turf Cat 628 …………………………No………………………….


JohnDeere/Yes           Photos of the Vulcher 2 on this mower   

Commercial Walk behinds

G-15, 7G-18, 7H-17, 7H19

 647A, 657A, 667A

F687 Z Trak

757 54” deck

757 60” deck

777 72” deck,


Kubota/ Yes

RCK 60P3312,

RCK 72P3312,

ZD Pro 60or72”



Walk Behinds, 32” thru 52”

Floating Deck Hydro-Drive

Ztwo 48”-54”-60”-72”


Scag/Yes            Photos of the Vulcher 2 on this mower

Saber tooth 72” Advantage

Turf Tiger Velocity, uses 22” EXT

Wildcat Velocity, uses 22”EXT

Tiger Cub, Advantage

ZCat 36- 42

SWZU,Velocity, uses 22”EXT

SW/SWZ Advantage



ZTR 48”-52”-61”






Toro/Yes            Photos of the Vulcher 2 on this mower

Z500Pro, 52”,60”,72”


Z300Pro. 36”,42”

Proline Walk behind





Stander 32”

Sentar sport, 36”

Stander 36”,48”,52”,61”

Sentar 52”

Velke, GD, 36”,48”

ZTR 48”-52”-61”


Walker Mowers/Yes

Super Bee 60” deck





Max Z, 52”- 61”-72”

Mid Max Z 48”-52”-61”

Esteem Z 42”-52”

Kutter Walk behinds